What is the most popular movie now?

I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll become a teacher.


May I be honest?

I could have gone to the seaside but I went to the mountains.

I do not want to bother.

Belinda dropped in at the pub on his way home from work.

Spass treated me badly.


Gunnar wanted Clarence to tell him she loved him.

Don't threaten me.

Eduardo left his umbrella on the train.

Tell me what you did in Hawaii.

I can't add anything else.


All agencies should use modern technology to inform citizens about what is known and done by their Government.

You name a price!

Describe Juliet to me.

They're both in love with the same girl.

A number of passengers were injured in the accident.


We must know. We will know.

I'm getting worse.

I figured it was worth a try.

She tried to get whatever she wanted.

How are you connected?


How did Hsuan get to know Andrew?


He married a girl of his own choice.


The superior man is affected towards animals: having seen them alive, he cannot bear to see them die; having heard their cries, he cannot bear to eat their flesh.

Are you good at speaking French?

I told Nathaniel that I thought his house needed to be painted.


Pat didn't even know that Steen was a doctor.


I got one for you, too.

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The day before Thanksgiving, the supermarkets are full to bursting.

I need to see him.

The children received shoes for Christmas.

He's a control freak.

The city was covered in snow.

The coach's advice saved us.

Mechael and I can't change our schedules.

I was ignorant that he was present.

A plethora of ineffective education programs made the president unpopular amongst fiscal conservatives.

The cherry trees are about to blossom.

Stacey told Sanjib that she put up her Christmas decorations too early.

When were you in Australia?

The man made to grab at me.

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Do you want to tell us why we're here?

In the speech, he referred to the strength of the company.

Would you like to make more money?

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The young man was at a loss.

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They took French classes for 3 months when they were in Paris.


What is your favourite number?

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That's not a secret.


Could I speak to Kusum, please?

Kamel hired Drew to do the job.

I'd like to speak to Dr. Schmidt.

I want you to stay with her.

His irresponsibility astounds me.

The semester culminates in a final project and presentation.

They don't know about it.


He makes careless mistakes, and does so frequently.


Raymond can't make it tonight.


Are you saying that Penny can't understand French at all?


Stewart looked excited.


The Cockney mode of speech, with its unpleasant twang, is a modern corruption without legitimate credentials, and is unworthy of being the speech of any person in the capital city of the Empire.

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I want to build a fountain in my garden.

You don't speak English.

He opposed the plan to the last.

We're always somebody else's idiot.

It was piercingly cold outside.

What Old did was unbelievably idiotic.

She told us that we must call a doctor immediately.


It's OK to cry.

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He is my only living relative.

I didn't believe it, either.

Justice and kindness are virtues.


Panos smiled briefly.

Everyone is very proud of you.

I'm better.

I would like to write a book.

You speak Xhosa well.

How did Markus act?

Huashi has done what he had to do.


Pierette managed to open the door.

The car gave a jolt.

I cannot greet Tania in Slovene. I don't know this language.


Kenneth didn't even try to pretend that he liked Vince.


"Liberty, equality, fraternity" is a French motto.


She needs a bone marrow transplant, but she has not found a donor yet.

Pam, we must not stop here for too long. The sun will set and I think we're very far from the river.

Your sacrifice won't go unnoticed.

I certainly had no idea Julianto was thinking about getting divorced.

Steve didn't come last evening.


It's pretty easy to imagine.


How bad was it?


We must keep a diary every day.

Your French is getting better.

Can you move it?

What is the easiest way to learn English?

Just ignore Elric. He always seems to be complaining about something.

Case never even opened the book.

There was a suggestion of anger in his voice.


I'm just not attracted to you.


You're holding it, aren't you?

He'll become a father soon.

This lonely patient takes pleasure from sewing.

I only did what I had to do.

I think you really should do this by yourself.

Erik gave Gail a ride home.

I'll stay here until he arrives.

I hope Marshall doesn't get sick.

I had to shoot my horse.

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They're very close friends.

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Much better to be woken by the birds than by an alarm.

Nanda began to cry hysterically.

You should've listened to him.


Kristen performed very well.

I like this custom.

Is there a vegan dish on your menu?

We won the match by 10 to 4.

I saw him coming upstairs.

Where did you get that suit?

JingXiang is so cute.


I need to get to bed.


We came into the office to find Emet and Erkin wiping the windows.

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Hwa insulted me in public.


You wouldn't survive.


The roads are blocked due to the bad weather.

Nate loves taking pictures.

She came across the street.

What else could I say?

Do you go there by bus, train or the metro?

It made her jealous to see him walking with another girl.

Verdun had withstood a siege of ten weeks.

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His Japanese is almost perfect.

Rabin never told Kerri where he hid the stolen diamonds.

I'm not so sure I want the job.

I didn't say I wanted this.

Can I have a toothbrush, please?

Maybe one day you'll understand me.

Subra had nothing to lose.

He is going to buy a new bicycle.

The submarine had to break through a thin sheet of ice to surface.

Look what I found in our basement.

Kathy got a part-time job so that she could study at college.


Conrad isn't very creative.


Willie may be dead before morning.

The event is on Sunday.

Are you spending Valentine's Day with Tony?

Check all that apply.

He is getting along well with his employees.

He attended the meeting in place of his boss.

At present, going abroad is no longer the adventure it used to be.

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Don't call us, we'll call you.


When death approaches, all you can do is slowly chew your fingernails.


"Where's Ro?" "He's playing tennis with Moe."